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Vegetarian generally have lesser option to eat outside when they go out for the holidays, and this became one of the very basic reasons which doesn’t allow them to go on frequent outing or somehow disturb there trip.. for example if a vegetarian plans to go outside for an abroad trip they always start their first planning of the trip with searching for a perfect vegetarian junction to crave their hunger and then all other things related to trip follow it, but here at eat street this time mybloggerstreet had brought a perfect solution to this major problem. We...

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1. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST A rich breakfast can lead your whole day very energetic and happy. Our mother is always right who asked us to have a nutrient-full diet while having the first meal of the day. The right breakfast foods can help you concentrate, give you strength – even help you maintain a healthy weight. 2. DRINK 2 GLASS OF WATER 5 TIMES A DAY Drinking enough water is the best medicine to get rid-off every disease without any chemical mixed medicines. Our bodies are around 60% water, give or take. It is commonly recommended to drink eight...

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Coming up with our next article at Eat-Street we are trying our best to reveal the origin of few most common Indian dishes which are actually found by some other countries and migrated to India, and became the choice of almost every Indian taste buds. There is something which is very true coated by some-one that besides our diverse multitudes there is one thing that unites India, it is our legendary love for food. Every Indian is so deeply in love with food that for almost every occasion, mood, season and gathering there are different dishes made. Like be...

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5 Indian Dishes which is also Served on Foreign Land by Fancy Names

As Indian land is blessed with the variety of food and spices due to which it has a vast, intriguing history over the years and remarked as the variety of food for each culture tradition and events. As the richness of Indian food is being witnessed by almost every country maybe that’s why they started accompanying it. And like these many of the recipes of Indian land have traveled to foreign land. We have tried coming up with 5 such Indian Foods that are also served overseas, but with fancy names so don’t be fooled by paying extra for...

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5 Super Foods which can keep your Body Healthy

 Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy We should not eat only to fill our tummy but we should eat it for keeping our body fit and healthy. We are always lined up with our busy schedule because of which we rarely pay attention to our food supplements and nutrient full diet. As it is rightly said by someone that better you choose the food the better way you can keep your body parts active and functioning. Here we come with a list of few super foods which is specifically useful for each of our body parts: 1. Walnut for Brain: Another...

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