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India is a developing country and its development is truly the hard work of its people. The reason Indians are doing great works in almost all countries is the sense of achieving success is deep-rooted in Indians. The young Indians are very enthusiastic and never settle for ‘just OK’. They want best in every field & surprised everyone with their business acumen. We proudly present you the list of top young entrepreneurs of India:  Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran At a tender age of 14 and 12, most kids don’t even think of venturing into fields usually occupied but...

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From Managing Home to Flying a Plane She Work Passionately

INDIAN AIR FORCE IS BEEN CROWDED BY FEMALE PILOTS It’s really not less than a matter of proud that, The most women pilots belongs to our country, according to research it has been concluded that as compared to all the air force of the world, Indian air force is the leading one which have the maximum number of female pilots. According to a gathering held at golden jubilee celebrations of the India Women Pilots Association, it was uttered by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha that India is the country with the maximum number of pilots in...

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Criticism and Failure Play’s an Important Role in Life

People generally say I go on negative about everything. Yes, I am glad to say that I do I go on negative about everything. Well sometimes being negative is the only way which can make you think something out of the box and something mind-boggling to others. Now There I come to my topic: “CRITICISM AND FAILURE PLAY’s AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN LIFE“ Yes, many of you again going to treat this one as negative and few of you will take it as strange, But literally speaking this is one of the most positive and motivating topics. The only...

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