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The high-class phone is stepping into high class featured ear-pods

After the success of air pods, Apple is finally introducing its high-end headphone. The tech giant is working on new headphones, and the best part of that headphone is that it would fit over the ear and also come with noise-canceling technology that would eliminate ambient noise, Bloomberg is researching by citing people who say they have knowledge of Apple’s plans. Apple could debut the headphones this year, as it is said by someone very true that for achieving a success one had to undergo many difficult situations and something same had incidences’ by Apple which was revealed by Bloomberg’s...

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The app has had an up-and-down ride since it was launched a year ago. It became an instant success – worldwide, more than 300 million users have created accounts. Sarahah, which was developed in Saudi Arabia, topped Apple’s App Store in more than 30 countries. “Sarahah” is the Arabic word for candor or openness. The CEO of Sarahah, Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq has disputed Collins’ allegations. He says the decision by Apple and Google to remove the app was “unfortunate”, but very optimistic about reaching a favorable understanding with them soon. Collins, who lives in Australia, put up a post on online petition site...

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WhatsApp Coming in Digital Payment

WhatsApp has begun testing a new payments feature in India that will allow people to send money to other WhatsApp users, excluding merchant accounts. The feature is currently in beta, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans, but hasn’t been publicly announced because it’s not widely available at this time. WhatsApp has partnered with some brands for the payment facility. The payment feature is based on the UPI platform (Unified Payments Interface). To use the feature, as of now, a user will have to get an invite from someone who already has the payment facility. This would take...

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