As the sun is right on the head during these summers season, and already a rise in temperature is up to its extent and for being cool and calm all of us need some extra thing apart from our daily routine meal, when we talk about being cool in such a hot days we are right talking only about some refreshing drinks.

That why today we are sharing our special summer drink recipes, all of you might wonder what is going to be refreshing in summer drinks? So here is your answer the specialty about these summer drinks are that they all are homemade drinks and you need not rush anywhere for getting its ingredients,  because its ingredients are easily available in everyone’s kitchen.

And we are pretty sure that all of you will definitely be going to love all these drinks!


Virgin Pena colada is basically a very tropical and coconut flavor. For making these all you need is the simple 4 ingredients that COCONUT MILK, PINEAPPLE JUICE, PINEAPPLE CHUNKS and SUGAR.


Though its look fancy by its name but in actuals, it is not at all fancy because all its ingredients are easily available in everyone’s kitchen for making these all you need is again 5 simple ingredients that is some MALTA, MINT LEAVES, LEMMON JUICE, and ROCK SALT AND SPRITE.


Summer is there than how it is not possible that kids favorite strawberry will not present in these cool summer drinks list. Strawberry punch is all time kids and many adults favorite drink, it is really quick to make and for making these you required very simple ingredients that are STRAWBERRY, LEMMON JUICE, GINGER ALE and SUGAR.


Summer simply calls the king of fruit in everyone’s home, yes we are talking about mangos. Mangos are loved and enjoyed by every member of the family, though mango frooti is easily available in the market what if we let you know that all market available drinks contain a preservative in them you will surely stop drinking them, when once you will read the ingredients of them. Well, we can easily make this mango frooti at home and that too without requiring so much of ingredients. All you need is few ALPHANZO MANGO, RAW MANGO sufficient amount of water and sugar.

5. ICE TEAWe have already covered so many juices for our kids so last but not the least lets present drink especially targeting our adult tea lovers, ice tea is something which fulfills the craving for tea to us. It’s really again quick and easy to make. For making this all you need is a GOOD QUANTITY OF WATER, SUGAR, and LEMMONS AND FEW TEA BAGS.

The best part about all the mentioned drinks are not only limited to its quick making time but also it totally refreshes the body and keeps the body away from the diseases happening in summers.