Lunch is a very important meal of the day, and the favorite one too and in your weight loss journey lunch plays a very important role,  That’s why sometimes cheating in lunch during weight loss journey is allowed but skipping lunch is not at all allowed. So we will be sharing with you all our few of the favorite cheat meals, which are sometimes allowed in weight loss lunch recipes and idea that can help you lose weight very fast and will also be fuller enough you won’t feel hungry at all till your dinner time.

As a ritual before lunch, we will have apple cider vinegar in fresh Luke warm water. What will it do? It will prevent your food to be stored in intestines for a longer time. It will not allow your food to be stored for a longer time in your body and hence clearing your stomach and intestine as soon as possible.


The first weight loss lunch recipe is Low Fat Roti with Sabzi, now I personally feel that we Indian’s have a hard time in our weight loss journey to leave or avoid chapatti completely. We cannot stop eating roti or chapatti in our diet, as we have been growing by eating these as our very important meal of the day. So these blogs will be guiding you all how you can eat roti till losing weight easily. Now the normal wheat flour that the aata we use is full of carbs so why don’t we change the aata itself. Now we will be showing you all 3 aata’s which you can prepare your roti with and will only help you lose weight every single day you eat them that is “WHEAT BRAN (CHOKER KA AATA), OATS KA AATA and BARLEY FLOUR (JOW KA AATA)”

These 3 flours have a lot of properties in weight loss so prepare your chapatti with the help of this aata you can mix all of them together or can make any one of it at a time. Have it with any seasonal veg which required very less oil to prepare and you can enjoy your chapattis as a normal lunch.


The second weight loss lunch recipes are for all of those who love pulao or biryani but, are definitely afraid to have it as it contains lots of calories in it, now the best way to prepare it in a fat-free manner is with the help of brown rice. As we all know that it sounds very tasteless when we say brown rice, but trust me when you once and first time use it you will definitely fall in love with them, as they are so much low in fat and doesn’t blot your stomach when you consume them. You can have it with tomato raita, cucumber raita or even with plain curd.


Dalia sounds little boring but preparing these Multi-Grain Dalia is very easy and tasty as well with lots of nutrient and vitamin. It helps you lose weight fast very easily as it is packed with vitamin, nutrient, and minerals and keeps you fuller for the longest time of the day.


Now the fourth one is delicious and very easy to prepare that is rice idli with sambhar, all of those who love eating south-Indian food this is for you. Low of people generally get confused how can rice idli help in weight loss. It does promote weight loss as rice and urad dal when combined together produce a lot of protein which is very good for your health which can help in weight loss. Have 2-3 idli’s of good size with sambhar and coconut chutney.


Sometimes we all have urges to have rajama or any kind of pulses that are prepared at our kitchen or home so do not restrict to it at all. If rajma is prepared at your home have it with brown rice. A bowl of brown rice is good for our health it will not at all help you gain weight. Have good food in good quantity do not skip it at any cost because you will feel depressed about it as you are not able to eat it.


The last one is my personal favorite when I don’t want to have all those stuff which I mentioned above I skip to this food that is paneer tikka. Yes! I know you all will be shocked to have paneer tikka as your weight loss lunch. No, it is not at all bad it is good in all the manner as you can grill lots of veggies in it starting from low-fat paneer obviously than capsicum, red capsicum green capsicum yellow capsicum, onion tomatoes or whatever you love to add. It is not compulsory to marinate it but, if you want to marinate it, marinate it with low-fat curd or hung curd and some spices. It is good to go, it is so delicious and so fuller that it completely satisfies you and your taste buds completely

Substitute your normal lunch recipes with these weight loss recipes in your weight loss journey and you will definitely lose weight very easily. Do not restrict yourself to anything eat, but eat in a healthy way.