India is such a vast and diverse country which is blessed by many different states, city and the rituals and tradition of each individual cities and moreover, the best part about this country and its every state is the different varieties of food which each state hold. It is said that every different state and city of India carry its one of the most famous delicious signature dish of their own.

As already stated above that each state of India has its own signature dish so across India we at mybloggerstreet tried bringing the most famous dish of few states which are somewhere captioned as the land of food.

Food is such a wonderful thing which alone is enough to melt the heart of anyone. Many of the food lovers generally say a line “ME AND MY FOOD ALL GOOD!”

Talking about the most foodie city in the country we have come across ample of the name.
Here we come with the list of the most famous dish of this cities and with the interesting part that what are the reasons which made them famous to this level that it’s been discussed globally.


Indore is famous for food in all India but the most famous thing is its poha jalebi and its namkeen especially sev for indoris they are just not the food they are actually the heart of the city. It is a very common notion said that Indore has an undying obsession for poha and jalebi.

REASON: the very basic reason behind it is its pocket-friendly cost and a good quantity to make your Sunday morning really fabulous..

So for Indore most famous poha jalebi do visit the 56 street and start your Sunday with the most delicious way.


And when it comes to Mumbai there will be hardly any Mumbaikar who can resist without eating the vada pav. Vada pav is one of the signature dishes of not only Mumbai but the whole Maharashtra. Vada pav is a delicious desi style mumbaiya burger which is served with 3 delicious chutney and fried chilies. People of Mumbai are so much influenced by the vada pav that they can have it from their breakfast to their dinner.

REASON: The reason behind its being famous is its quick and cheaper preparation which can resolve the problem of hunger of anyone within a few minutes.


The famous traditional South Indian breakfast is masala dosa which is almost available on every street of South India it is generally served with the hot rasam or sambhar, accompanied with the fresh coconut and coriander mixed chutney stuffed with potatoes. With the most different and unique style that is served not on any plate but on “kale key patte”, they generally take this it with filter coffee.

REASON: South-Indian says it is really quick to make as well as light and cheaper breakfast which is really easily available everywhere.


Delhi is so famous for parathas that it had named it one of the local streets as the “PARATHE-WALI GALI”. The local residents of Delhi say that the famous parathe wali gali serves more than 100 different types of parathas served with rasse wali aaloo ki sbji, tangy keri ki chutney and chilled creamy curd.

REASON: The reason behind its being most famous over there is the makkhan which is top on the hot parathas and people of Delhi says that this is the only breakfast which helps us to survive without eating anything after this parathas.