Vegetarian generally have lesser option to eat outside when they go out for the holidays, and this became one of the very basic reasons which doesn’t allow them to go on frequent outing or somehow disturb there trip.. for example if a vegetarian plans to go outside for an abroad trip they always start their first planning of the trip with searching for a perfect vegetarian junction to crave their hunger and then all other things related to trip follow it, but here at eat street this time mybloggerstreet had brought a perfect solution to this major problem.

We tried bringing the list of few dishes that are actually lesser known to majority people which perfectly replace the non-vegetarian one. So no longer of killing our hunger required or no longer just need to eat salad, fruits and biscuit on the trip…..


Tofu is the best swap out for chicken, it may look like tasteless but a dash of few most common spices make it tasting one of the most delicious grilled dishes. A grilled tofu blend with some spices add a huge taste in a bland tofu, it is basically made up of soybean. It had started coming in huge used after beef banned in Maharashtra and from there it had become the perfect replacement for non-veg but with the same nutrient amount.

2. Seitan

Seitan is another popular veg dish made up of wheat which replace the most common non-veg dish meat.   And because of which it is also known as wheat meat. It is as juicy as meat and as mouthwatering as any non-veg dish for non-vegetarian. Even the preparation timing and receipt of Seitan is same as meat.


3. Soya chap

Soya chap in another perfect substitute of meat. A soya chap is pure veg dish served with a rich gravy and a rich chap gives you the same chewing texture and feeling as the mutton or chicken gives to any non-vegetarian. Prepared from soya lentils, not only these it is cost effective also.


4. Lentils

Lentils are always on the top list whenever any dish remind for replacing the non veg dish, it is easy and quick to be prepared at home commonly used in replacing the beef and it actually come in many colors.



5. Mushroom

We have never thought mushroom more than just a vegetable but actually, it is another perfect substitute for non-veg rich in nutrients. There are many different types of mushroom which can replace different type of non-veg dish, especially Portobello mushrooms can be of the perfect substitute for meat.


6. Legumes

Beans and chickpeas are good for health, and make for perfect substitutes for non-vegetarian food especially in soups and stews. They are rich in fiber and nutrients and have very little amount of fat. They make for good substitute for salad also.



7. Tempeh

You might have lesser heard about Tempeh. It is one of the lesser-known version of Tofu and is made from cooked and fermented soybean molded into patties. It is one of the healthiest food products. Inexpensive and nourishing, it makes for a perfect meat and fish substitute.