A fridge is no longer considered as a luxury instead it is now recognized as a necessity and most of us would not be able to function without it. While you do need a fridge to store certain foods like milk, eggs and vegetables, but we are unaware that there are certain foods that should not be refrigerated as it will reduce the flavor and even the nutritional content of these foods.

So, do you have any of these foods in your fridge right now?

Foods That Should Not Be Refrigerated


Storing honey in your fridge will just cause it to harden; instead, store it at room temperature away from sunlight. Because as the honey deviates from its original temperature it start turning into poisonous state.



Bread should be stored in a bread box or in your food cabinet. Keeping it in the fridge will simply cause the bread to become dry, crumble and loses its freshness.




Masalas do not require refrigeration and in fact very low temperatures can affect the volatile oils in these spices and reduce their flavor and sensational aroma.



Store sour limes at room temperature as they tend to dry up after a couple of days in the fridge.




We all often make a mistake of storing watermelons in fridge which is extremely wrong, we should always remember that whole watermelons do not fare well in cold temperatures and quickly start to break down and become powdery. Once you cut the melon, you will need to refrigerate it; but don’t try to store it for more than a day or two.


Do not refrigerate onions as the moisture in the fridge softens them and this will increase the likelihood of them becoming moldy.




A common habit of keeping tomatoes in refrigerator is not wise one. Tomatoes should not be stored in the fridge as the extremely low temperature in the fridge causes the tomatoes to become soft and mushy.



Storing breakfast cereal in your fridge will make it soggy and unappetizing. Instead, it should be stored in an airtight container in your kitchen cabinet to protect it from moisture.



Coffee should never be stored in the fridge as moisture condenses on the powder and reduces its flavor and sensational aroma, Store it in an opaque container or airtight tin at room temperature.


10. NUTS

Storing nuts in your fridge is a bad idea as they becomes soft and lose their crunch. Instead, buy smaller quantities on a regular basis so that you always have fresh stock.




Last but not the least dried fruits too are not made for refrigerator. Dried fruits tend to spoil if they are stored in a high-moisture environment so don’t keep them in your fridge.

So if you find yourself storing these food items in refrigerator than, you may need to toss them out or store them in your kitchen cabinet instead. Remember, that these food are not made for refrigerator and we should develop a habit to ‘store in a cool dark place’, doesn’t imply refrigeration; it simply means away from sunlight and heat sources.