One think I believe Indian cinema is hence down the best act in making emotional and heartfelt movies with the list of talented and soulful artist and movies director, movies have summer the greatest scenes. As I am the 90s kid I will be focusing on movies, since the year 2000 and up till now. There is a disclaimer that this list will be overloaded with the love, breakup and relationship sad scenes, and one thing I am for sure that though you are not the fan of Indian Bollywood but you will surely fall in love with the acting and emotions connected with these movies….

So here is tried and refused productions with top 10 Bollywood movie scenes that will make you cry.

1. AGNEEPATH (2012)

The acting of Hritik Roshan in the song “ABHI MUJH MEIN KAHIN…” This song really pulls at your emotions strings especially when you watch AGNEEPATH. When Vijay meets his sister Shiksha after several years, the expressions of pure happiness filled with tears by Hritik Roshan a perfect and so apt. The entire sequence of film spending time with her is match beautifully by the song. And made almost every public fill their eyes with tears.


K3G has a lots of emotional scenes, or it will be better to say that the whole is totally based on the true emotions of father for a son, and every member’s emotion for family. But the scene where Rahul reunites with his mother in the shopping mall always makes us cry. The music that transition into the beautifully acted scene just comes in perfectly.


In the festivities of Aditi’s marriage and the preparation for the final day, Kabira aptly play in the background when Kabir struggles to figure out whether he is actually in love and Naina doesn’t want her heart to broken again.. with no dialogues the lead pair looking at each other and the wonderful vocals made every one let their emotions flow and movie really made a home run.


This film resonates with anyone that is loved someone and they haven’t loved them back, with all your heart you care and wish the best for them but somehow it is never reciprocated. The complete of emotions of the movie had been noticed so many times but felt the most during the scene when Ranbir started singing “CHANNA MERE YA” in the Anushka’s wedding. These feeling with Arijit voice Ranbir Kapoor sorrow clearly showcased in his eyes has to be one of the most emotional scene beautifully captured.


A film in the year 2006 carries one of the most underrated songs of the 21st century is definitely one of the most emotional ones, from the master piece “RANG DE BASANTI”. The song “LUKA CHUPPI” carries a complete emotion of a mother for her son, a wife’s emotion for his loving husband and the emotions of friends who all are going to say last good bye to the son, husband, and friend forever. A point in the movie where all the friends get the most dreadful and horrible news of loss. The song comes in during the cremation of dead their friend.


The very last scene of the movie Gadar made almost every viewer cried after watching the innocent acting of Utkarsh Sharma who acted as Charanjeet son of Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel in the movie. The scene had completely justified the true emotions between a son and his mother, when his mother was swinging between life and death.


The whole movie Bajrangi Bhaai Jaan is full of emotions, but best out of the rest from the movie is the last scene when Munni finally reaches to her home and Salman take a depart from the Pakistan and during that scene Munni who didn’t spoken since from birth but at the end loudly scream mama to the Salman. When she call him mama the sudden flow of emotions from Salman’s eye made crying to all other public also.


Their will be hardly anyone who is not aware of the most emotional scene of the movie Tare Zameen par, when Darsheel was left alone for the hostel by his parents. The pain of separating from parents in the age of 8 years was truly justified by the acting Ishaan.

9. SADMA (1983)

Entire movie was beautifully directed and acted by the director and the leading pair Kamal Hasasn and Sridevi. The last scene of the movie when Sri Devi leaves Kamal Hasan after recovering from the mental illness and forget Kamal Hasan and his unconditional love completely. This thing completely breaks the Kamal Hasan because of which he started running like a crazy person behind the train to stop the Sridevi.

10. TERE NAAM (2003)

As the name of the movie Tere Naam the whole movie is completely emotional movie which has perfectly shown the love between the two souls, acted by Salman Khan and Bhoomika Chawla. In the movie at the death scene of Bhoomika, when Salman comes and cries badly and try to run away from the situation.