The Holi festival is celebrated in multiple ways across the country. Several regions and towns have their own local culture on Holi. One of the greatest and most joyous festivals in India, Holi is celebrated with much fanfare by the Hindu community. The celebration of the occasion and the traditions related to its observance, however, vary from region to region in India. Here’s a glimpse of few:

  1. Lath Maar Holi of Barsana

the Holi of Mathura has another very unique ritual called the Lath Maar Holi. The tradition takes on from the Holi of Lord Krishna’s time. Men from Nandgaon come to play Holi with the women of Mathura (Barsana Village) with colors and a shield. With Shield is a different way to celebrate because women chase these men away with sticks or Lath. Thandai, gujiyas, bhang, puri sabzi, chaat, lassi and malpuas are an essential part of Holi of Uttar Pradesh.


  1. Dol Jatra of Bengal

In West Bengal Celebrated as Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra, Holi in more of a celebration of spring and the eternal romance of Radha and Krishna in Bengal. On this special occasion, women wore vibrant hues of yellow. people gather and witness the rich art and culture of Bengal In Shantiniketan, Bolpur. Skilled artisans while performers sing and dance to traditional Bengali tunes. The Culture is Idols of Krishna and Radha are placed on the swings and worshipped.


  1. Hola Mohalla of Punjab

Punjab Celebrate with the unique tradition of Hola Mohalla. Men of Sikh community a day after Holi display their physical agility, stamina, and endurance through their special martial arts form. The Sikh Community challenging each other in sports like wrestling and sword fighting is also a common feature of Hola Mohalla.


  1. Phaguwa of Bihar

Holi in Bihar is known for the consumption of ‘bhang’. In the evening of Phalgun Poornima, people light the Holika pyre to get rid of evil spirits and end conflicts by meeting each other. The next day Holi is played with colors, water, and folk songs.

  1. Manjal Kuli of Kerala

In Kerala and Some places in Konkan coast, Holi is celebrated as Ukkuli in Konkani or Manjal Kuli and is celebrated in Gosripuram Thirumala Konkani Temple. The people throw turmeric Instead of colors at each other. Turmeric is good for health, skin and is also an excellent antiseptic. The festival is especially important for Kudumbi community who smear themselves with bright yellow turmeric powder and water and dance to some traditional Malayali tunes.