Well if we are talking about entertainment than how we can forget to talk about the ongoing biggest blockbuster “SANJU”, based on the life of controversial personality “Sanjay Dutt”. Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju, featuring Ranbir Kapoor in the titular role, has crossed the collection of Rs 200 crore in just 7 days. A film which made everyone to pay double or even triple amount for the tickets. But the question is that does it really made a worth of paying such a high amount?

To answer such thing is really controversial but after surveying the public who watched the movie we came to know the certain the facts that movie was not actually worth paying that. As a review for a movie, we got to know many things which had been noticed so carefully by either we can say the fans of Sanjay Dutt or we can say by the opponents of him. Based on the reviews one thing was clear that somehow movie “SANJU” disappointed many.

Ranbir Kapoor is no doubt one of the finest actors in the country and has chosen some unique scripts that no one would dare to. Ranbir had played the character of Sanjay Dutt in an extraordinary way and perfectly as he always do for the rest of all his roles. This movie had entertained many people, to few these movie made them laugh and to few it made them cry, but there are some serious issues with how director Rajkumar Hirani, writer Abhijat Joshi, and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra have psychologically manipulated everyone with this movie.

We also come to know about the first scene of the movie had shown that Sanjay Dutt is so great and honest that when one biographer had compared the Sanjay Dutt with Gandhi Ji than at that moment Sanjay Dutt gets offended and had destroyed that book. But in actual after going through the past interviews of Sanjay Dutt at “AAP KI ADALAT” with Rajat Sharma we came to know that it was the first place and first time where and when Sanjay Dutt compared himself with Gandhi Ji.

It’s clear that Hirani wants to establish in your mind that Sanjay Dutt is an honest man who is not interested to be great in others eyes. Hirani wants you to believe that the rest of the film is absolute truth! Because Dutt is an open book… whereas it is a carefully manipulated Lie!

Now all of you must be thinking that why Hirani would be doing this? Well, this all because there are some simple reasons behind it.

  • Everyone knows that Munna Bhai 3 is about to come, if Sanjay Dutt image get cleaned, if Sanjay Dutt’s Fanbase get increased and at the end if Sanjay Dutt’s market value will get increase than because of all these the person who will enjoy the most of the benefits will be no one other than Hirani, Sanjay Dutt, and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. If you still don’t believe then ….
  • On 29th June SANJU released and on the very next day that is on 30th June Sanjay Dutt’s movie “SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 3 ” trailer got launched.

Well everyone of us knows that lots of planning and preparation needed before a trailer launch than definitely there must be some connection behind such a hard and fast trailer release. It clearly indicates that “SANJU” was a carefully calculated move to increase the market value of Sanjay Dutt, and in turn and earn truckloads of money!!

It means that we will earn crores from the movie Sanju and as well as very cleverly will successfully clean the Dutt’s image and ultimately increase the market value of Dutt and Munna Bhai 3 will also cross crore.

Some people are saying that Hirani is a talented and successful filmmaker and he is under no obligation to make a movie on Dutt to clear his image! Which is again an LIE! Because Hirani is Sanjay Dutt’s very close friend and in his own words is indebted to Sanjay Dutt… which was clearly seen in an event interview where the whole team of SANJU was present.

And moreover, Hirani tried showing in the movie that Dutt had kept AK-56 with him so that he can protect his family which is again a half-truth. In Dutt’s word himself at an event of ALGEBRA CONVERSATIONS by the GLENLIVET Dutt himself accepted the truth that I am kind of hunter personality and love hunting and because of which I would love accepting this AK-56 as a gift from one of my producer.

Maybe because of all these things public is seeking for an answer that when it is shown that Sanjay Dutt is a Drug addict, Drunkard and Lecherous than why it was not shown the Dutt is a hunter too, because it isn’t convenient! It doesn’t look cool being hunter…

Hirani simply wanted to show a sweet lovely kind-hearted star kid type image of Sanjay Dutt, who is just a victim of circumstances just happened to stumble upon drugs and waste his parent’s money is soft at heart in short everyone should love him.

In the movie when Dutt in front of Manyata says that including his wife, he had slept with 350 other girls than at that moment the Anushka’s expression was as if Dutt’s had disproved the theory of relativity of Einstein and just going to win the noble prize in physics.

Along with that most hypocritical thing is that Sanju’s producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s wife Anupama Chopra who runs her own film review channel Film Companion and at her channel she constantly bashed the films because they don’t have a strong female characters, but this time very cleverly she had not posted any reviews of “Sanju” on film companion!

This is a clear and clever attempt by Hirani and team to whitewash Dutt’s Image completely!

Most importantly let’s move on to how Hirani protest the Mumbai blast and underworld the 1993 Bombay bombings the series of 12 horrific bomb explosions that took in place Mumbai on 12th of March 1993. It was the most destructive bomb explosions in Indian history. 100s of Indian people died 100s of family was destroyed. The attacks were coordinated by Daud Ibrahim.

But what Hirani did on the name of under-world he showed some Ganpati worshiping people who invite Dutt on Ganpati visarjan day. This is not something new to Hirani, because he had previously also insulted Lord Shiva and Hindus in his previous movie PK this only means Hirani and team are nothing but “HINDUPHOBIC” apart from that many viewers had said they are not only Hindu phobic but spineless person also because he did not have the guts to say a word against a real villains of the society who caused the horrific bomb blast in 1993.

The finest review by most of the viewers of SANJU was that: this movie by Hirani was made by keeping only one intention in mind that is to clear the image of his friend and to earn money and to broadcast his Hindu Phobia and maybe that’s why only SANJU movie is having a dialogue

“Janta kidhar jaati hai? Jaha sach hai ?”


Jaha khabar chatpati hoti hai!”

And maybe that’s why Parmanu’s lifeline collection was only Rs 65 crore a movie which was based on the story of India successfully becoming the nuclear state, whereas a biopic by a Hinduphobic filmmaker to whitewash the image of his best friend crossed 200 crores in just 7 days.

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