A relationship is such a beautiful thing which can show you every up and down of life, being in love with someone can make you feel something very special that you haven’t felt ever before. But there are many things which seem so cute until you enter in this relationship, which is the most beautiful thing for someone who is the new player in this field and a disaster for an old one. But there is really something very good which cannot be explained until and unless u experienced it yourself.

Teenagers describe it as a beautiful thing (till they face their first break up, of course!).

In every relationship there are few things which are either happening by one of the partners which extremely irritates the other one, moreover, there are a lot of things that girl’s repeat which irritates guys but they cannot utter single words against their babe.

However one thing in relationship remains common, and that is the irritating behavior of girls! Be it not being punctual or be it there where they should not suppose to be – everything after a certain point of time will be irritating as hell!

Here we had a word with many gentlemen and tried knowing the reasons that what are the things in a relationship which generally irritates them are but still they cannot complain about that.

Read the following points, I am sure most of the guys will connect it with their lives and if you don’t then you are one lucky guy!

1. 24*7 Complain about their other friends

Girls generally hate the other friends of her boyfriend, they always wish that their boyfriend should stop meeting that guy just because of only one reason that she thinks he is not a good person and his company can spoil her boyfriend so easily.

Sorry to inform you ladies but it actually hurts the boys when you say anything about his friend and they somewhere get irritation because of your this behavior.


2. Act totally different in front of your friends

Another complaint which we had received from the girls which irritate their boyfriend is the very fast changing and twisting behavior of girls. Many of the guys had complained that their babe act totally different in front of their other friends they either become sometimes so sweet or sometimes too sarcastic


3. Long essay types paragraph replies

Many guys had complained that girls don’t have the words like “K, hmm, all right” in their dictionary they have the resistance of replying short-note types replies all the time for every discussion or chats, though guys finish it with ‘k’ in actual they get heavy irritation.

4. Public display of affection

Yes, we don’t like PDA (Public Display of Affection) too, especially when they call us by some weird name like “Shona” “babu”.

5. Being late always

Most of the guys had complained that their bae always delay the date from the fixed time but we are literally helpless and don’t have any option instead of saying every time that “please for heaven’s sake, tell us the correct time to meet, watch a movie, hang out and drink coffee”. But we are very sure that they will repeat it on the next date also and as usual, we will get angry on something else.

6. Will tell you to complete their work

Whenever we meet our girlfriend instead of greeting us first they will start the so-called date by telling us that what they had did whole day, and the most interesting thing is they end up with delivering us lots of her personal work like arranging notes assignment and etc… though guys give a pleasant smile while listening all your scheduled but in actuals something like this goes inside their mind “We have our own chores to do and we simply don’t have time to finish your assignments. We just are nice and don’t tell you often but that does not mean you will take us for granted.” For god sake stop expecting every time for being pampered.


One of the guys had complained that girls usually be busy with their best friends at mobile and report every minute thing about our personal date which no longer remains personal once it reaches to her best friend. And at the end, we guys kindly request them that “We both keep busy with our lives. If we take out time amid our crazy schedules then value that and please spend time with us, rather than your phone”