Dieting is something which seems so simple while we watch it doing it by someone-else, but when it comes to ourselves it seems to actually not only seems it becomes the toughest and the hardest job of the whole universe. One thing is for sure when anyone be on dieting his/her brain become perfect calculator of calories, and thoughts start coming like never before……

We at mybloggerstreet try bringing a completely entertaining content that somewhere resembles to thoughts of every person when he/she be on dieting….

The very first thought that comes in our mind when we finally decide to start dieting is “HAVE I BECOME FAT??”, and after this question to ourselves we sadly say looking in the mirror oh my god its yes and I need to put myself on diet now.

  1. As I said earlier dieting look so simple at very first sight, and we warmly welcome the very first drink of diet chart by saying “ITS NOT LOOKING THAT BAD, LETS GIVE IT A SHOT!   
  2. By clearing the first day of dieting that is just before going to the bed the next thought that comes in mind which make us full of motivated for the next day is that “I DON’T KNOW WHY PEOPLE CRAVE FOR MIDNIGHT SNACK SO MUCH!”, but actually meanwhile after an hour we are dreaming about burger, pizza, frappe and fries. And horribly we try to calm ourselves and strange look to the clock and say fu*k it’s just been two hours gosh… there is another seven hours left for the next day breakfast.
  3. And their comes the hardest part of the dieting. When you have a bowl of salad and sprouts in your hand and your so called colleague or friend enjoys the pizza, and very pleasantly ask you would you like to have a bite and we with full of innocence node our head and say no I’m on dieting but in thought we start murmuring that “I WON’T ONLY LIKE, I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE A BITE OF IT”.
  4. And obviously we all have that circle of friends in our life who are unfortunately but 24*7 free to advise us. Suddenly all of them become the professional diet experts and will start advising us that you should eat this, you should not it that, at that we don’t have any option except saying them thanks but in our poor hunger thoughts we often say “MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS”.

  5. As I already mentioned earlier that while being on dieting our brain become perfect calculator for calories, and we start thinking to one of the most foolish thing that is “HOW CAN A PACKET OF CHIPS WHOSE NET WEIGHT IS 25 GRAM CAN CONTAIN 100 CALORIE OF FAT??” but in the end we try to calm ourselves and say “LAST 15 DAYS MORE!”
  1. And finally the day arrived when we go closer towards our biggest enemy; yes I am talking about weighing machine. Which really get ready to break our heart after showing that we just had 0.1 kg of weight loss…. And we start laughing and come to almost LOL situation and end up our journey to dieting with the last thought in our mind that is “I SLOGGED MY ASS FOR A MONTH AND JUST LOOSE 0.1 KG ……. FUCK YOU DIET AND FUCK YOU SALAD’s!”

Well this was my journey to dieting I think it remains the same with everyone. If you experience something else during you diet session please share with by commenting here…..