The first addiction starts from the very early age of life, yes all of you going to be astonished after listening to the name of our all first addiction it’s the virtual games of our life, or it will be better to state that addiction of virtual games never waives off completely. The only change which comes in this addiction is each time changing the level of same games.

There we come with the list of top 7 games which are highly addictive for any player…

These are basically those games which can keep anyone occupied, they can be played at the most portable device that is on the cell phone of any person, one more thing which is attached with these games is that anyone playing these game is that one cannot quit the game without watching the next level, and one cannot reach to the next level until and unless they clear the previous one….

7. Plants vs Zombies 2

It was originally a very addictive game but PvZ2 takes the formula above and beyond, adding a slew of new features to mess around with and subtracting a ton of hours from our free time. We can’t help but try out a stage or two no matter where we go because those stink in’ zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.

Once a battle begins and the first wave of zombies approaches, we can think of nothing else but totally about battle and zombiecide. It’s that point of the game where we see zombies in other games and wonder why we don’t have a peashooter to clear the level. Its upcoming level the Garden Warfare probably isn’t going to help our predicament either, as it’s turning the game into a full-on third-person shooter. seems like we’ll be turning our green thumb zombie blood-red for the foreseeable future.


6. Dark Souls 2

It’s the question in the mind of many laymen that Why is Dark Souls 2 so addictive? We play and we die. We die and we did some more or in short, we go on loosing. Just when we think we’re about to win and conquer on the demon, we die. Right when we start the game, we die. There’s a lot of dying in Dark Souls 2, but we still can’t stop playing it…and dying. Any normal person would have abandoned with this and can get frustration a long time ago, so why can’t we?

It’s because when we’re not actually dying, Dark Souls 2 is an extremely excellent action RPG. Building our character is great, the dangerous world we’re fighting it is fun to explore, and when we do actually finish the quest without dying, the satisfaction is unimagined. And every time its all-time fans often says Yes, sometimes you make us want to bash our heads against the wall…but we love you Dark Souls 2. Don’t ever change.

5. Counter-Strike

The beginning of the game is something like we pick our loadout and run toward one of the two objectives, either on offense or defense. We shoot every demon we see until we lose, then wait until there’s either one defender left standing or the offense successfully denotates the explosion. It gets Repeat 29 times. That’s the gist of the Bomb Defusal mode in Counter-Strike, and we can’t stop playing it!Its already been 13 years it had a list of steady fans.


4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

While most of Monster Hunter’s games popularity is based in Japan, there’s no denying this game is basically for fun. The formula is simple: equip gear, take a bounty, kill the monster, collect money. However, each monster serves a unique challenge with it just for testing your skills in every way imaginable. We can even team up with our friends for taking help; the vision of you and your team surrounding a monster with swords and bows has a primitive, “cavemen hunting food” sense of camaraderie that’s hard to top.

3. Angry Birds

Slingshotting birds at pigs. If we had heard this concept before there will be sure shot chances that Angry Birds took the world with absolute force, we’d have thought you were crazy. Who wants to slingshot birds at pigs, taking out the flimsy platforms they inhabit in the process?but, everyone does, apparently, and it’s not hard to see why: the game is pretty darn fun and really hard to put down.



2. Candy Crush Saga

We don’t even know why we’re still so hooked on Candy Crush Saga with every time its new upcoming version. It’s nothing but just a matching candy on a board for points! It’s no different than what Hexic HD and Bejeweled made us do for years and years!



1. Pokemon

Pokemon was our all-time favorite cartoon and from the day it had come in the virtual game it had left behind all other types of virtual game and people blindly became addicted to it. We started playing Pokemon as an impressionable youth, setting on our journey to catch ’em all before we could drive a car. Today, as full-grown adults with jobs, houses/apartments, and mature responsibilities, we still can’t stop trying to catch ’em all, even if ’em all is, like, 600 instead of 150.

And here comes the reason we keep coming back to Pokemon, again and again, is simple: we want to be the very best like no one ever was. The standard Pokemon formula hasn’t changed all that much over the years.