Irrespective of what happened to you yesterday, irrespective of what you did to the world or what the world did you, irrespective of anything and everything, you have to wake up and trust this world all over again. We all know it is easier than done, but we don’t have a choice-just don’t have another choice because your peace is entwined with your trust. Without trust, there is no peace. Distrust leave you with distressed.

In the thousands of times that you may use public transport, your wallet may be picked up a couple of times at the most. Even when you don’t trust the world and check your wallet every few minutes, some competent professional thief will get better of you and pick your pocket someday… but it would have cost you million opportunities to be peaceful otherwise. The eyes that see every co-passenger as a potential thief would have ruined your peace thousands of times while trusting the world would have made every journey peaceful. “Be wise not otherwise”

A Nathuram Godse may get his way through, but in seeing everyone as a potential Godse you will miss a million Gandhians. Not worth it. In search of one Osama, you will have to doubt every noble heart, not worth it.

One employ may betray your trust. Still, trust the rest. A key relationship may take your goodness to be your weakness, and your trust may be exploited. Wake up another morning and start trusting all over again. You may find this as a naive, but this may show you the gates of peace, which at the end opens only with the key of trust.

If peace is what you seek, even if you were cheated yesterday, then you don’t have another choice but to wake up the next morning and trust the world all over again. Whenever we are being cheated or betrayed or hurt, we should develop a habit of saying “Thank god! I was cheated, but I wasn’t the cheat; I was betrayed but I didn’t betray; I was hurt but I didn’t hurt, Let me suffer the wrong, but never inflict the wrong”.

Let us assume every morning that the world will be trustworthy from today. The world will live up to our trust a zillion times and let us down a few hundred times. The odds will tremendously in our favor. Let the heart tilt in the direction of trust.

In prayer you talk to existence, In meditation, you listen to existence.

In prayer you listen to your own voice, In meditation, you listen to the beyond.

Prayer is communication with existence, Meditation is a communication with existence.

Trust the god, trust the world, trust yourself, and the gate of peace will be open for you!