I have often seen children blocking the path of an army of an ants on the wall with their hands as a prank. The ants spontaneously find an alternate path and keep marching. The child now blocks even this path and ants simply find another path and move on…  The child driven by mischief, uses his fingers to push a few ants off the wall. With resilience and spontaneity, the ants begin their climb once again.

Whatever be the obstacles, however difficult the hurdles may be, the ants go on with the belief I CAN. Till they die, they try, they fight, they strive and they march on believing I CAN. They lose these sense of I CAN only to death.

I have seen bulls pull excessively overloaded carts on fly-over and over-bridges. One step at a time struggling through every inch of it, they make it. They may have been the victims of man’s exploitation, but all the same, they never give up. Even blades of grass and the almost invisible micro-organism keep growing against all odds with the belief I CAN. They lose this self-belief only to death. 

The language of life is I CAN, the language of death is I CAN’T. Of all the creations, man alone, supposedly the supreme of all creation, speaks the language of death. Man alone utters, believes and follows the language of death which is I CAN’T. Research shows it is so because every human being, before he attain the age of 14, has been told by his parents, teachers, and society and peer group about 148000 times on average, “YOU CAN’T”. His environment has hammered into him about 148000 times that “HE/SHE CAN’T”.

But …. The truth is “I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN”, but have you ever wondered that what this word “CAN require more than CAN’T”, here is the answer all it requires is “MAN HAS TO RISE ABOVE MAN”. The man has to renounce the language of death and embrace the language of life. He need to hold the phrase I can and drop I can’t and should repeatedly go on speaking “I CAN DROP I CAN’T, I HAVE TO DROP I CAN’T AND I WILL DROP I CAN’T”, so what if I have been told “I CANT’T”148000 time? 

I have over 148000 human beings in the history of humanity who have shown me that I CAN. I have every form of life to inspire me into believing I CAN. The voice of life is gradually growing louder
and louder within me… this is death to the voice of death.

Let us have the total faith in ourselves. Having faith in ourselves will be our way of showing faith in the wisdom that created us.