Here… Here right now at this moment because tomorrow you gonna be someone greater than the person you are today. You see yourself succeeding you have a vision, you have a dream congratulation! You are already 10 steps ahead of 95% of the world.

Imagine if Michael Jordan was scared of missing, imagine if Steve Jobs had the fear of people not liking his product, there would be no I-phone. So ask yourself this, do you want to be a person who fears failure or do you want to be a person who loves success.

Which one you had to pick today, one is a failure and one is a success and if you love success than there is nothing like can stop you. All those negative thing people say were meant nothing. People can talk about one thing only 1% can make them a talk… Big deal! Want to know something else there is only 1% who stick to their fitness program long enough to see results, only 1% stick to the video games long enough to get good ending, that doesn’t mean you have a 1% chance, it just be mean you can’t  behave like the rest 99%. You have to do something better than giving up a much from now.

Some people have so beautifully justified that “FAILURE CAN BE NOTHING BUT A MASSIVE TURNING POINT OF THE LIFE”. They have simply given a formula for success over failure, you can fail 10 times, 100 times maybe even 1000 times but that’s ok! Failure is impermanent, falling is impermanent you get right back up and keep going and this time you gonna be stronger, wiser. And for every 10 failure, you gain 1 success, you have to love success so much that you willing to fail 10 times before you can succeed once. That’s how all of them has does it.


Today there will be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the Jack Ma, he is the founder of “ALI BABA” and he is counted among of the richest person in the world. But do you know the story behind his success? He hasn’t got any job during his struggle period, he had almost given 30 interviews in his life and you will not believe that he had faced all the 30 interview rejections. Ask yourself have you ever been rejected so many times? But after that, he became the founder of Ali Baba group and today he is 33 richest person in the world.


Who have not seen Harry Potter, almost everyone must have seen it. She is the writer of that book, now many of you may think that what the big deal anyone can be the writer is. Yes, that’s true that anyone can be the writer, but the story behind her is something very different. She is among the richest person of England. World famous series harry potter is been written by her but, before this at one point she was jobless and in Britain, she was ranking among the poorest person. 12 publishers had refused to publish her book on the basis of a sill reason that this book is not going to be liked by kids and after that, she had written a success. Today Harry Potter is not only liked by kids but by the adults also.


There will be hardly anyone who is not in love with the romance tact of Shah Rukh Khan or there will be hardly anyone who is not a fan of him. But the success story behind him is known by few people. In the old times, he was badly insulted by his landlord because he was not in the position to pay his rent. At that time he was signing the movie just escape from his poverty. His first salary was 50 rupees which he had received in one of the concerts of Delhi. His teachers were used to tell him that you dream is so much unrealistic and you cannot ever achieve it. But today he is known by the title as “KING-KHAN” and “KING OF BOLLYWOOD” and ranked among the world second richest actor.


He wasn’t able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teacher said he wouldn’t “never amount to much” but what he did is something not less than a miracle late on he had achieved “NOBEL PRIZE AS A THEORETICAL PHYSICIST”.


Was demoted from her job as a news anchor because of she… “Wasn’t fit for television”, but later her success was something which made everyone shocked “HOST OF a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING TALK SHOW AND THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN THE WORLD”.



AT 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. But later he became the founder of one of the most successful companies of the world “CO-FOUNDER OF APPLE INC. AND CO-FOUNDER OF PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIO”.


A teacher told him he was… “Too stupid to learn anything” and that he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality, but what he did is really something like creating a history.




For this, all you need is you have to love success just as much because that gonna allow you to get up and go for it. Being scared to fail won’t do anything, infect when you love success and you start going for it.

People who have achieved great height through unintended consequences have made a greater impact on the world than those who had set their goals and achieved it.

So, if you don’t get what you want in life, if after all your efforts, the result doesn’t out to be what you aspired for, if the consequences of your choices are not what you intended, then don’t lose your heart just go for another try until you get the massive success.