The relationship looks so cool when there are some ups and down in that, but what if there are always down-down situation in any relationship. Nowadays we often go through a number of cases where a happy relationship spoils within a fraction of seconds. There are so many incidences taking place which be the reason for losing credibility of marriages.

Another basic reason of this mistakes are, the new generations are not at all serious about their relationships, for what they are serious about is their own egos and their own point of view they are the least concern about what his/her partner needs.

Divorces and separations have crossed their figures in the present scenario. The younger generations feel themselves least fit for lifetime commitments maybe that’s why they opt for live-in instead of marriages. Many of them are so used to the term relationship that they are least bothered about the break-up from and patch-up from another. As a result, the dignity and the delicacy of any relationship break down.

Let us now come to those mistakes which every young couple un-intentionally makes and as a result the relationship between two breaks-up.

1. Expecting a change from partner:

People in a relationship often face this problem after a certain a phase in the relationship. They expect their partner to change according to them. They start expecting that their partners should have the same likes and dislikes what they have. Sometimes one partner in a relationship is so devoted for his/ her relation that they are even ready to bring the changes but the other partner is least bother to appreciate those changes and because of which a break-up is seen in most of the cases.

2. Disrespecting the difference between each other.

Love is all about enjoying the similarities between the two and respecting the differences between the two. Every person has his/her own choice and perception towards different things, and disrespecting those difference in choice and thoughts leads to the spoiling of any relationship.

3. Allowing interference of the third person

A couple in their relationship instead of giving space to each other they give free space to the third person to enter between their problems and allowing them to give irrespective of suggestions. A person who is totally unknown about your life can never give a perfect solution to save your relationship. A couple themselves only can bring a perfect solution to save their relationship and let it run smoothly.

4. Blaming each other

Instead of accepting own faults couple in a relationship often blame each other just with the only intention to not putting their point down and with the aim of winning the arguments. It is nothing but their own egos which force them to prove each other wrong and themselves correct but they don’t know that this argument of few minutes can be one of the reasons of separations from their loved ones.

5. Communication gap

Before entering into any commitments people in relationship maintain communication between the two in a very proper way, but as soon as they enter into a serious relationship all of a sudden they cannot find even healthy 10 minutes to listen each other and spend a quality time together. Some couples in a relationship have so much of less time that they barely talk to each other just to convey their point instead of listening each other. For a healthy relationship, it is the best suggestion given by someone that 10 minutes of healthy communication daily give another 10 years of healthy relationship.

It’s never too late to accept the mistakes and solving them, rather of holding a grudges on any point couple should discuss the problem with each other time to time because a discussion in relationships brings the new hopes and happiness, whereas the arguments in a relationship simply put the end.