Before you start declaring everyone around is a psychopath, know that only about one in 100 people is likely to be one–unless you’re talking to people in prison. Some experts estimate up to 25 percent of prison inmates may be psychopaths.

If you encounter a psychopath, don’t panic. Most of them aren’t serial killers. In fact, some of them are successful CEOs and business leaders. But knowing whom you are dealing with can prevent you from being manipulated

Here are few symptoms we are coming up with which will help you to jot your views and to recognize a psychopath.

  1. They talk in past tense

Researchers suspect this is because they are detached from their behavior and their environment.

For example many of us would say that I think kids are playing outside, but a psychopath more likely to say I thought kids were playing outside.

The basic reason behind this is they already plot the activity in their mind a long time ago before they wish to work on that.

  1. Their body language is all the time convincing

In order to distract people and to make themselves look good they generally lie but they try to keep their non verbal behavior as much convincing as possible so that people can easily get distracted and rely on things which are been narrated by them.

In many of the questioning session between investigators and criminals it had been noticed that psychopaths generally use powerful hand gesture to cover their spoken lies.


  1. Their emotional expression does not match with what they say.

As the psychopaths are listed in most anti-social entity so may be this is the only reason why their emotional expression does not match with what that say.

For example: saying I am sorry by them is as equivalent as excuse me.

They are least bothered with what they say and what they emotionally mean.

  1. They sound charming and highly pretending

Psychopaths are also declared as great manipulators, as well as in a research study on the behavior of psychopaths it was observed by the science experts that psychopaths are always hungry for empathy and sympathy.

For this they try to have more conversation that too full of emotional word. They try to sound charming by pretending to say right things at right time.

  1. They talk very gently

Researches shown that psychopaths usually talk in fair, neutral and control tone throughout the whole conversation the reason found behind this is because they don’t want to be directly announced as a culprit.

And talking in a calm manner help them a lot to gain more control in their personal interactions with anyone.

  1. They always have a conversation full of examples – “cause and effect conversation”

Any time a conversation with full of examples and justifying reason behind the talk make it more authentic and convincing to the listener, which ultimately help the speaker to have a trustworthy relationship between them and audience.

  1. They consecutively use filler words during their conversation

With the only intention to prove their statement as actual and spontaneous to the investigators they try to use more of the filler words like ummm, hmm, and so on. so that can succeed in proving that whatever they had did was not at all planned one and was totally all of a sudden due to raised up circumstances.