There is no if and but attached to the word death, death is for sure and the ultimate end destination for all human being. It comes to every human being but with the few differences that are causes and timing. An end to the life may be a peace for some, violent for others and surprisingly mysterious for few… well connecting it with the recent incident of losing the first female superstar Sri Devi we are adding the name to the list of celebrities whose deaths are more than a natural cause is mysterious one.

That’s not the matter of surprise for the Bollywood because there are many stars of Bollywood whose cause of death is still under the matter of discussion and suspicion. Celebrity deaths, especially the ones that happen under mysterious circumstances, always dominate our headlines because of our fascination with the subject matter.

There we are coming up with the list of those Bollywood celebrities whose cause of death are still not justifying!!


Divya Bharti highest paid and the famous actress of early 90’s lost her life at a very early age of 21 on 5th April 1993 and surprisingly the cause of her death is still a contentious topic of discussion between the media, public and Bollywood too.

CAUSE OF DEATH – Head injuries after falling off the balcony from her fifth-floor apartment in Versova, Mumbai, There came a twist with the cause of death of Divya Bharti after a proper custody and investigation, multiple theories and sources suggest that she fell off because she was drunk, so some believed that she was pushed to her death and some had the assumptions that she made a suicide. Her parents claimed that she had been killed but police shut the case because of improper witnesses and lack of evidence.


Parveen Babi, One of the most leading and glamorous actress of 70s and 80s are still in the matter of discussion between the public, though she is been dead, but the cause of her death is still alive between us. After going through major ups and downs she had finally said a long Bubye to the universe on 20th January 2005.

CAUSE OF DEATH- She was found to have gangrene of the left foot as a complication of her diabetic condition, which the police state was the reason she died.

The reason behind her death was also not considered natural by many persons, she was found dead in her apartment. The police suspected that she may have been dead for up to 72 hours before her body was found. The cause of her death was not immediately known.


Jiah Khan, A young actress of Bollywood who started her steps of the carrier by giving a debut with the most admired and senior actor of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Nishabd, an Indian take on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita, she left the world on 3rd June 2013. Her death was really shocking because she had not left only her life but questions also, marking a question mark on the life of his boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi.

CAUSE OF DEATH- ‘suicide by hanging’

It was also said that she left a six-page suicide note, found by her sister in which she had mentioned about her recent abortion. Her death was initially termed as suicide by the police, but her mother accused Jiah’s former boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi of murdering her due to several inconsistencies in the report and marks on her body. The case was ruled up by Indian CBI but Jiah’s mother Rabia independently hired a British forensics expert who concluded in a report that Jiah Khan’s hanging was staged and the marks on her face and neck indicate it was not just a suicide. The case hasn’t been solved yet.


  1. OM PURI:

Om Puri was the leading actor oh his times, he had given many super hits and played the role of almost every type whether it’s a humorous one or a sincere one. Left the world on 6th January He will be always in the memory of Bollywood team and as well as in general public.

CAUSE OF DEATH-cardiac arrest.

Though the cause of his death been declared as a cardiac arrest or his physical un-fitness, it was really found shocking for everyone and came in front with an exclamatory sign. It was the in the headlines of every newspaper that Mystery over what happened in wee hours of Friday when actor Om Puri passed away at his Versova flat remains a mystery.


  1. SRI DEVI:

Last but not the least coming to the last shocked which Bollywood had received recently from the death of a leading first female superstar Sri Devi who left us on 24th February 2018 at Dubai, her death was also going to a number of question mark under various investigation by Dubai government. It was also said that though publically it was stated her death was due to cardiac arrest but postmortem report tried revealing some other fact too….

So in order to conclude our article we tried showing our complete tribute to all the stars.

And Rip, you were and will be our stars and will be remembered on every special occasion.