This article is basically dedicated to all Indore’s who all desperately awaits whole year for this one fun loving and crazy day that is “RANGPANCHMI”. Though this festival is basically for the whole region of India it is most celebrated on the huge scale at the land of Indore. The day of RANGPANCHMI for every “INDORE WALE starts from going in ”Gers and Faag yatra which is taken out from the Heart of city RAJWADA, In this ger and faag yatra a huge cannons spray myriad colors on revelers on the whole public.

This type of celebration is been noticed in Indore its peak during the time of the Holkars and it was revived on Tuesday 6th March 2018, when the Indore’s celebrated it with revelry. With this, the 5- day long Holi festivities came to an end. Several Ger were taken out and a large number of revelers took part in them.

Local residents didn’t miss any opportunity to have a perfect splash of water and colures at the traditional yatra, which has been organizing for decades.

Here in Indore, people use to celebrate Rang Panchami with much enthusiasm than Holi, the Festival of Colors. Like every year, it was no different this time also.

The Gear of various organizations was taken out from several parts of the city and they splashed colored- water through canons and gulals added color to the already colorful atmosphere. Besides ‘Gears’, a Faag yatra was also taken out in the city.

Water cannons installed on the vehicles splashed colors at an elevation of 150 feet and soaked the revelers. However, in the ‘Faag yatra’ only ‘ Gulal’ was used extensively previously but from past 2-3 years it’s been marked that people are been bringing the pakka colors and various type of water gun and balloons with them.

Approximately more than 20,000 people took part in the Ger. They all had a layer of different colors on their faces— Red, yellow, Violet, Green etc. For welcoming the Ger, various stages were set, where people were served bhang, thandai and some local street food of Indore. Besides, special attention was given to music. People danced to the Holi numbers of Bollywood. Womenfolk from across the city also participated in the ‘Ger’ as well.

Various professionals are also called to Indore from a different part of Malwa region to give their marvelous performance. People applauded when a daredevilry act was performed. It was not only the participants who enjoyed the Ger but also the spectators who came to the city from different parts of Malwa region. The same enthusiasm was seen this year as well.

Politicos take part in Sangam Corner Ger A colorful Ger, jointly organized by Sanstha Srijun and Sangam Corner Rangpanchami Mahotsav Samiti, was taken out from Sangam Corner. The Ger passed through was Kailash Marg at 10 am. It was the 63rd year of their participation.

The Ger reached Telibakhal, Malharganj, Dhanmandi, Tori Corner, Gora Kund, Rajwada, Veer Savarkar market, Sarafa, Itawaria Bazaar, and Loharpati and culminated at Kailash Marg. The organizer deployed a pump to spray colors. Ger coordinator Kamlesh Khandelwal said that the organization had taken special measures for saving water. He said senior politicians— Industry Minister Kailash Vijayvergiya, MLAs Ramesh Mendola, Tulsi Silawat and others took part in the Ger.

Along with fun and celebration every year it is also noticed that the district administration has also geared up to maintain law and order in the city. The police force was seen on its toes to avert any untoward incident during the yatra. However, the coordinator of Ger alleged that the district administration stopped the Ger for more than half- an- hour, which created a chaos like situation.

So at the end maybe this all are the only reason that “WHY INDORII’S GET CRAZZY ON RANGPANCHMI”.