Atal Bihari Vajpayee (AB Vajpayee) was Born on 25 December 1924, The Day is Also Known as Good Governance Day, He Build a Great Political Carrier but Fact Behind his Success is Innovation, He Believe in Team Work , He had faced many Hurdles and Create a Reputation in Politics as well as in their Poetry Carrier. One of the Famous lines of his Poem

क्षमा करो बापू! तुम हमको,
बचन भंग के हम अपराधी,
राजघाट को किया अपावन,
मंज़िल भूले, यात्रा आधी।

जयप्रकाश जी! रखो भरोसा,
टूटे सपनों को जोड़ेंगे।
चिताभस्म की चिंगारी से,
अन्धकार के गढ़ तोड़ेंगे।            –Atal Bihari Vajpayee

AB Vajpayee was Entered in the Politics in August 1942, He Had Gone Jail in the Age of 17 Years for 23 Days During Quit India Moment, He is also Co-Founder of Bharti Janta Sangh, He was also Chairman of the Party in 1951, later He will become a Member of Rajya Sabha,  The days when AB Vajpayee Becoming Popular Face of Politics, He Found Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in 1977 , He is the Paving Stone of BJP, Later  He has Became Foreign minister,  In 1977 Election after the Victory of BJP He will become the first Person who Delivers a Speech to The United Nation General Assembly in Hindi.

In 1992 He is awarded from Padam Vibhushan Award In the Election of May 1996 he has become the 10th Prime Minister of India  (First Time) in his Carrier but he resigned after 13 days due to lack of majority.

In the Election of 1998 he Once Won the Election and became Prime Minister 2nd time in his Life but Due to Controversies in the Lok Sabha Election Commision held Fresh Election held in 1999 and He became The PM of India thrice in his political carrier.

 In December  2005 He takes Retirement from Politics and also Declares he will not Become Candidate in Next Elections. Beyond the Political Carrier he is also Keep Humanity and Morality, The Rival of Vajpayi Dr. man Mohan Singh Appreciate them he Said AB Vajpayee is the Bhishma Pitamah of the Politics, He Became  Great Leader, he Proved Leadership is Not a Virtue of Posses the Authority and Give Instruction to Followers Leadership is a Way to Serve the Power to the followers.

He has also the Holder of many Awards, In 2015 He Holds Bharat Ratna (the Best Citizen Award in the Country). His Health was the Huge Barrier in his Carrier He Face a Stroke in 2009, He also Preferred Wheelchair even at a Stage he failed  to Recognize the Peoples on 11 June 2018 Vajpayi is Admitted in the Hospital in Critical Condition He died at 5:05 pm IST  on 16 August 2018 at AIIMS  hospital due to age-related illness.