Above all the stupidity now a days is been performed by teenagers this is something height which had been noticed in the past days. It’s really a matter of shame when we came to know that there is a new challenge among the teenagers that is “condom snorting challenge”.

Some resurrections are pleasant but not all resurrections are pleasant. Case in point, the “condom snorting challenge” which has found its way back on the Internet after 2013.

Teens are showing the proof of their stupidity by putting up videos performing this challenge, which involves inhaling an unwrapped condom through the nose and then pull it out through mouth or pharynx.

Apart from being exceptionally gross, this challenge has n-number of dangerous consequences.

This stupid “Condom snorting challenge” becomes rage among teens Teens have moved on from cocaine. They now “snort” condoms After going through the whole incident we came to know the brief of its initial that how such things had come into action and, how the challenge started.

According to the several claimed Reports it was found that the challenge started in 2007 but gained popularity after a YouTube uploaded her video in 2013.

It was found that She was seen ‘performing’ the challenge on Taylor Swift’s song ’22’. Her act went all the more viral after ABC covered it. And she earned a heavy virility in just few days.

Soon, teens started participating in the above challenge, and now the bizarre challenge has made a comeback and definitely it’s not a happy one. And looking such shameful things many of the concern persons tried to convey them that: Dear teens, use condom during sex, not snorting: it’s dangerous.

Snorting condoms is extremely dangerous and harmful for an individual. Apart from putting one at risk of choking, it increases the chance of infection multi-fold. Inhaling a condom would be painful, uncomfortable and bad news for lungs.

One of the generated Reports narrated that, accidentally swallowing a condom during oral sex made a woman badly sick for six months, before doctors traced the source of her persistent cold and fever to the item.

Teachers were asked to demonstrate challenge to educate parents about danger in some parts of the United States, district schools are conducting special classes for parents to make them aware of this dangerous trend.

“As graphic as it is, we have to show parents became mandatory because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them,” a special instructor said.

He added “likes” on social media drive teens to do such activities.

It is rightly quoted by someone that “Stupidity is always limitless”Snorting condoms joins long list of weird things teens do….

Notably, this is not the only bizarre challenge that has kept teens busy. There is another challenge also which is also listed in the list of weird challenges….

As a part of “bath salt challenge,” teens rub salt on some body part, and then hold ice on it, which produces a “burning” sensation.

Earlier, they were spotted biting into laundry detergent packets and called it “Tide Pod challenge.”