Facebook launched ” War Room” in which a team of 20 people is monitoring the signs of suspicious activity. The room is punished with American and Brazilian flags. This unit has been launched in California’s Menlo Park headquarters in California.

‘war room’ is the nerve centre for the fight against misinformation and manipulation of the largest social network by foreign actors trying to influence elections in the United States and elsewhere.

Facebook, which has been blamed for not preventing misinformation efforts by Russia and others in the 2016 US election, now Facebook wants the world to know it is taking aggressive steps to stop such manipulated information.

Facebook’s head of civic engagement Samidh Chakrabarti said the cyber team of Facebook was active for the first round of the presidential vote in Brazil on October 7 on that day, we got a person spreading false news that the elections are cancelled due to protest it immediately removed the post before it could get viral. it will be active in the second round of voting in Brazil on October 28 and similarly for the November 6 midterm US elections also.