Construction of the world’s highest railway-track on India-China border

Rail track is being constructed in India’s Himachal Pradesh on the world’s highest and most dangerous route. Its specialty is that in Leh, this track will go up to where China’s border begins at a distance. The Indian Railway Board is working hard to connect Bilaspur-Manali-Leh to the rail network. The location of the track of the new Broad Gage line has been done. According to the survey, it has fixed 30 stations in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir on this new railway line.

The cost of construction of this line is estimated at 83,360 crore rupees. The height of this track will be 3300 meters from sea level in India and 2000 meters from sea level from China border. The longest tunnel is planned to be 27 km long. The total length of the tunnels in the entire railway route will be 244 kilometers. Under this rail project, 124 big bridges and 396 small bridges will be constructed.

Mr. Vishesh Choubey, General Manager, Northern Railway said that this project is a challenge because the rail line will pass through dangerously difficult areas. The lack of oxygen in this area is the most difficult challenges like avalanches, landslides and temperatures below zero.