Jio perfectly knows how to disrupt the market and perfectly leaves its foot prints on the market, and if the recent reports are to be believed from many news reports it had came to know that, it is now planning another revolutionary product that is: laptops with cellular connections. That’s really big surprise for everyone.

The company is in discussion with one of the chip-making giant Qualcomm for laptops with built-in sim card holders majorly for the Indian market.

According to crux of the discussion, operators could earn more than Rs.1000 Cr. annually by connecting these 10l laptops a year.

The laptop, that will be likely going to come with data and content bundled, is expected to run on windows 10.

Qualcomm, which is already working on similar projects in other countries, is in heavy discussion with India’s internet of things (iot) brand smartron, which will be responsible for developing laptops that can carry its snapdragon 835 processor with cellular connectivity.

With this, jio aims to boost arpu.

And with reference to news-byte website we came to know the certain things from one of its covered news:

Qualcomm already working on ‘always connected PC’ in several countries

Qualcomm, which is already working with jio and reliance retail on 4g feature phones, is working on similar laptop-with-sim-card models elsewhere.

Hp, Asus and Lenovo have already partnered with it for the ‘always connected pc.’

As many as 14 major operators have extended support for this, including AT & T, sprint and Verizon in the us, and others in the UK, Germany, Australia, France and Italy.

Operators could earn Rs. 1,200 Cr. per year

Counterpoint says 50 L laptops are sold in india every year, and it’s a potential treasure trove for operators.

If they connected 20% of these 50 L to 4G networks, and charged from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,000 a month, they could generate a minimum Rs. 30 Cr. per month, up to Rs. 100cr.

That would go up to Rs. 360-1,200cr per year.