WhatsApp updates one more new feature for Android. The latest version of WhatsApp introduced some new highlight for Android to make connectivity with group communication. WhatsApp additionally conveys along a fascinating element to Android that let users switch amongst voice and video calls all the while without disconnecting the continuous call.

Here’s clarifying the new group updated highlights, the Group Description, as the name recommends let individuals person from particular group add a description to the group. This feature works like how we add a description to our own profiles. To utilize this feature, which you simply go to the “Group Info” option available in group bar, you will be reached and able to see the “Add group description” segment directly beneath the name of the group. You type the description of the group and for done, simply click on OK.


It is important that anybody in the group can change the Group Description, much like how the group name makes a scenario of conversation. After you change the description of the group, everybody in the group including yourself will get a warning expressing – “Priyanka changed the group description” Tap to see the latest scenario of the group. The description can quite be the length of 512 characters.

All the three recently added highlights to WhatsApp for Android were spotted on Android beta version before. These highlights are currently accessible in the steady form of WhatsApp for Android and users can get them in the wake of updating the application to the most updated form through Google Play store.